Dear Traveller

by Natalie Kendel

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Copyright © 2017 Natalie Kendel

This double album is a collection of 20 original, modern hymns by theologian and songwriter, Natalie Kendel.

None of these songs, their lyrics or melodies, may be copied or replicated without express permission from Natalie Kendel.
Please refer any usage or copyright questions to the legal owner.
Any breach in these terms will result in legal action.


released March 1, 2017

Front cover art credits: Kathrin Honesta



all rights reserved


Natalie Kendel England, UK

Theologian, Natalie Kendel, works as an author, songwriter, and teacher in England.

Using an imaginative, narrative approach, Kendel musically communicates the biblical story.

Led through orchestral, neo-80s influence, & various genre blends, she evokes a rallying listening experience, with unique lyrics, based on in-depth study of the biblical texts in their original languages.
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Track Name: O Persistent Love
O Lord, you have examined me.
You know my heart,
you see the depth of me.
And though I may
have travelled far away,
I can’t escape the presence of your grace.

Oh persistent Love,
You who chase us over seas to close the Fall’s divide,
Oh persistent Love,
You who call with unrelenting passion,
help my heart respond
to your persistent love.

O Lord, Creation bursts with you!
Each cell and breath,
each hour relies on you.
And if I go to heaven there you are;
to the grave your nearness still remains.

O Lord, I am not hidden,
no place the dark can keep my prayers from you.
There’s no mistake, no past, no reason
you won’t surpass
so we can be with you.

O Lord, how precious are your thoughts.
Your thoughts of me cannot be numbered.
They’re like the grains of sand upon a beach.
My life is held, my name remembered.
Track Name: The Lord He is Faithful
(2 Timothy 2:11-13)

The Lord he is faithful
beyond what I feel.
Though sureness may falter
his sure love is real.
And though in the darkness
I lose confidence,
the Lord he is faithful
to his covenant.

On days shadows whisper,
to fears I submit,
he has not grown tired
to hear or forgive.
And though I am faithless -
my loyalty bent -
the Lord he is faithful,
he says: “Start again”.

If I were to lean on
my own work and trust
my plans would be pointless,
my boasting like dust.
For if he began
a good work in me,
the Lord will be faithful
to make it complete.

The Lord he is faithful.
Is this not our rest?
No power unravels
his trustworthiness.
The years and the stories
they all testify:
the Lord he is faithful
and he will supply.

And he will remember
each promise to bless.
My faith it is resting
on his faithfulness.

True faith lies in resting
on his faithfulness.
Track Name: This House
(Psalm 127)

Though we ascend in early day,
delay our sleep,
work through the night,
our plans and skills
would be in vain
if we forget who must provide.

Unless the Lord
he builds this house,
the builders work is all in vain.
So helps us, Lord,
to let you lead,
for what you build
it will remain.

And our task is but a noise
if we believe
this rests on us.
Do you not know
that as you sleep
our God provides for his Belov’d?

So, as we craft and lead and tread,
in every plan,
be you our Head.
And clean our hearts from our pride,
and fix our eyes on you instead.

So, Father, lay our every stone.
In love and wisdom lead us on.
For what can fail or crumble if
it’s cornerstone is Jesus Christ!

And if the Lord
he builds this house,
the builder's work is not in vain.
So, helps us Lord
to let you lead,
for what you build
it will remain.
Track Name: Unity (Not Uniformity)
(Corinthians 12)

Maker of diversity,
open up our eyes to see
how you love this tapestry
of your children.

Will you heal our racial rifts,
age divides, and gender splits?
Open up our arms and minds
into love of Christ.

Come create a bond
in the name of God.
Form in us a unity,
not uniformity.

You can break down Babel’s curse;
break the walls inside of us!
Prejudice and bigotry:
from these set us free.

See, his Kingdom couldn’t be
threatened by a varied crowd.
There is room for all to come
and taste God’s goodness.

There is room for everyone.
Each is welcome, each is loved.
Each a different voice to sing
in Jesus’ symphony.
Track Name: Act Justly
(Micah 6, Genesis 1:26-27)

Now what shall I bring to the Lord, God of Heaven?
And how shall I worship, and give him my best?
He does not demand the burning of offerings,
not our treasures or children or streams of oil.

Act justly,
love mercy,
walk humbly with your God.
He has shown you, Humanity,
what he has asked of us.

See you pay a fair wage to workers you hire,
and do not exploit them - the poor or the weak.
Acquire all wealth through the methods of honour,
and see not to adopt any false policies.

Do you hear, do you hear
how he calls to the city?
To ones who seek value while values are lost.
Our worship is spun with the threads of choices:
in the justice we offer, and grace that we show.

In our work, and our homes,
in the leading of government,
may we act with integrity
in public, alone.
When in love we engage
with the people around us
we become living images, all worshipping God.
Track Name: Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
(Job 1:21)

- Dedicated to Bjørn Kendel -

I have eaten bitter tears,
I have tasted wasted years,
but I whisper through this night:
“Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Winters come with chilling doubt,
deep confusion, crashing down.
Though I fall I shall rise with this:
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.
He a healer and a sword.
Till the day he kills the lie,
blessed be the name of the Lord.

Graves have swallowed, grief as torn,
broken hearts and broken homes.
Though a whisper, we still say:
“Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Flying high so torn and frayed,
bearing signs of war and age,
there the banner will still remain.
Blessed be the name of the Lord

“He may give and he may take”.
Though the hardest words to say
come not from the unbreakable,
but from hearts who trust he is faithful.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.
He a healer and a sword.
Till the day he kills the lie,
blessed be the name of Adonai.
Track Name: Made for These
(Matthew 18:1-7)

Some disciples asked the Lord:
"Who’s the greatest among us?
In the kingdom that’s to come,
who is standing the tallest?"

And Jesus called
a little child,
placed it before their foolish eyes.

The kingdom of God
is made for these.
Change and become like a child.
Enter the Father’s will and see his heart.
Come be a child of God.

Those who serve and welcome in
little ones in my name,
I will honour for he knows
the law that stands in my kingdom.

And to those who cause a child
woe, or makes them stumble,
woe to them, the price is great!
Learn to love all that’s humble.
Track Name: Turns None Away
(John 6)

Jesus said to the crowd:
'Truly, I am the bread of life'
Come to me you who long.
For from the Father he came down.

He turns none away,
none away.
Anyone who comes to him
he'll never drive away.
And if Jesus turns none away,
mustn't then his followers
also choose to do the same?

And the will of the Lord
is that all hearts that see the Son
trust in him, rise to life.
To every sinner he says: “Come”.

Are our doors open wide?
Church, do we welcome all inside?
Is his love seen in our
rites of passage, in our lives?
Track Name: Jesus All
(Luke 24:13-32)

Down the dusty road
to Emmaus
walked two heavy souls,
For the man they’d hoped
had come to save us
breathed his final breath
on a Roman cross.

As they travelled on
a stranger joined them,
asked to hear their tale and their sorrow.
Leading them through those familiar scriptures,
told a story that would change tomorrow.

Jesus all!
Jesus all!
Anticipation dripping from
every scroll that said he'd come.
Come and hear,
come and read.
Do our hearts not burn inside
when the Story leads our eyes
to Jesus all?

He the one the ancients
had longed for,
he the one the prophets had dreamed.
Come to topple more than one tyrant,
come to fight the Death
deep inside of me.

Will you come and follow the story,
walk the dusty road with the Rabbi?
He's the final point, the crescendo:
this the Messiah of Mankind!
Track Name: Keep Asking
(Matthew 7:7-11)

Keep asking and you shall receive.
Keep seeking and you will find.
Keep knocking and the door
will be opened up to you.
Keep knocking and the door will
be opened up to you.

If your children should ask for food
would you then give them a stone?
So, if you who are far from good
know how to give good gifts,
how much more your Father?

If you children should ask for fish
would you give them a snake?
So, if you who are far from good
know how to give good gifts,
how much more your Father?
Track Name: Forgive Us for Hypocrisy
(1 John 1:8-9)

Forgive us for hypocrisy:
the gap between our words and lives.
Oh Father, you the Truth itself,
come and cast your light upon lies.

Forgive us for our apathy,
when faced with other's burdens.
Create a servant’s heart in me.
Follow Jesus into service!

Forgive us for our arrogance,
when we hide behind traditions.
Come, wash our false entitlement
with a spirit of humility.

Forgive us for unwillingness,
for the times we don’t respond to you.
Oh, thank you for your patient love,
where we always find forgiveness.
Track Name: You Who Hear
(Romans 8:26-27)

You who hear each prayer,
hear my inner cry.
In your name we're calling:

Let us now draw near
to the grace of God.
For we have a high priest,

Help us in our weakness,
when we lack the words.
Spirit, you pray for us
with groanings beyond words.

He will plead your case,
your Defence and Help.
He is our compassion,
High Priest.

Not a prayer is lost;
he has heard them all.
Come to him, o children,
Track Name: Speak O God
(John 1:1-18)

In the silence of the grave,
in the speechlessness of loss,
in between the lines of pain,
speak, o God.

In the hours that stand still,
in the violent prose of war,
in the struggle of the will,
speak, o God.

And to a world that needed help,
he gave the best and spoke himself.
To those who ask
and listen close,
he is the answer that
we need the most.
Word of God, he dwelled with us;
An answer came in flesh and blood.
The truest thing which God could tell
was for Him to speak – to speak himself.

In the crucible of hearts,
calculations of the stars,
as we ponder who we are,
speak, o God.

In the footprints of the past,
in the wonder of a child,
in philosophy and chance,
speak, o God.
Track Name: Let It Speak
"The language of the Bible is narrative - one overarching story, not a collection of creeds. If we ignore this, we will undoubtable end up misunderstanding and misusing it."

("The Drama of Scripture" by Craig G. Bartholomew, Michael W. Goheen.)

It is not a test of science,
or an encyclopedia.
Nor is it a mere collection
of abstract moral thought.

It's the real on going story
of a good creator God.
He the truth, the great Revealer,
endless, close to each of us.

Let it speak,
let it speak
in a language of its own.
Come and hear,
come and read it from the start.
Come, let go of your creeds;
come and listen with your ears.
Let the Bible's narrative speak for itself.

It is not a rabbi's teaching,
or for ethical debate.
Nor is it a set of doctrine,
or a weapon of the state.

If this ancient book was written
like a story through the age,
should then not our reading, method
match the language on its page?
Track Name: By Remembering We Rest
(Genesis 2:3, Exodus 20:8-11)

On this Sabbath day we take the time
to persist from our own works,
and recall the day God rested from
all the beauty he had made.

And we ask that his restoring power
recreates his life inside of us,
for by remembering we rest
on this holy day.

When we recall that God is God,
and life depends on him,
we can stop pretending we're in charge,
and let the King be king.

It is more than just a cease from toil,
or a passive pause of work.
For we find true rest when we recall
that we have a Creator.

This memorial to his good work
now invites us to partake.
All humanity is welcomed in
to the blessings of this day.
Track Name: More than Bread
(A song for meals)

God our father,
our Provider,
you, the Giver of good things,
more than bread come
satisfy us:
with your Word and company.

Jesus, brother,
our Defender,
multiply our gifts and fruits.
Let us give our lives to service,
that our actions reflect you.

Holy Spirit,
our comfort,
breathe in us community.
Stir our hunger
for your presence.
Make this home a family.

Track Name: All Hail King Immanuel
(Revelation 21)

The Son of Man who rose from death -
the one they watched ascend -
just as disciples watched him go,
he’s said he’ll come again.

And on that day the Lord appears,
and every eye will see
the truth rolled out as clear as day:
a loving God redeems!

All Hail King Immanuel!
Cast your crowns down
at feet that went the length for you.
Hear the trumpet sound!
In clouds he comes enwrapping us
in his redeeming love.
Hail all, King Immanuel,
God is with us!

You needn’t fear, you needn’t dread,
but trust in Jesus’ vow.
He’ll bring us peace, and raise our dead,
and every knee will bow.

This is his wish, and our hope:
that God will dwell with man;
To tabernacle here with us.
The Earth he will restore.
Track Name: Whether We Live or Die
(Romans 14:7-9)

If we live,
we live in Jesus.
If we die,
we die in him.

So whether
we live or die,
we belong to Adonai.

Is he not the Lord
of the living?
Is he not the Lord
in death?

This is why
he resurrected,
that in death or life
we’re his.
Track Name: Let Us Love One Another
(John 13:34-35)

Love is a choice and a promise
to see in each soul God’s own image,
to love as he loved,
with reckless inclusion.
This the command which we gave.

Let us love one another
in the Spirit of Jesus,
arms stretched out wider
to let others in.
Let our borders be broken,
for each man is our brother.
Spirit of Jesus,
give strength to embrace like him.

By our love they will know us.
Disciples of Christ, the Messiah,
cross over pews, borders and fences.
Spirit of God give us strength!

(Excerpt of John 13:35 sung in Koine Greek)
"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,
if you have love....”
Track Name: Armour (Live)
(Ephesians 6)
Tie the belt of truth around your ways;
in each word and act be truthful.
Put on righteousness as your breastplate;
paint his justice over all you do.

Put on his armour, Travellers.
Stand firm and watch him move.
Your victory will stand or fall
on him and not on you,
by him and not by you.

Clothe your feet with readiness to move
in the Good News of his Shalom.
Carry close the shield of trust in grace,
that the Devil's arrows fall short.

Put on his armour, Followers.
Stand firm and watch Him move.
Your victory will stand or fall
on him and not on you,
by him and not by you.

Wear the helmet of deliverance,
to remember that he rescues.
Grip the sword, the piercing Word of God,
praying always for he hears you.

Put on his armour, Soldiers.
Be brave in love and peace!
His perfect love will drive out fear:
your vict'ry lies in him.

On the days when I have failed to fight,
slow in love and so self-serving,
please remind me of the endless hope
that for me is always waiting.

This is your armour, Children:
His work, his love, his win!
Our victory will stand or fall
on our trust in him.

He is your armour, Children!
Stand firm and watch Him move!
Though all you have's a mustard seed,
he'll grow this trust in you.
He'll win the fight in you!
Track Name: Nothing is Impossible
A kids and teens worship song.
Recorded during a live praise hour.

Verse 1:
When she heard that
God had promise them a baby boy
Sarah couldn’t help but laugh
Did he know she was too old?

But to Abraham
God had promised children like the stars
And he asked her:
“Is there anything
That is too hard for the Lord?”

He who made the Earth
Is anything too hard for him?
You may face the highest wall
But when problems come to God
Nothing is impossible

When God promised
He’d deliver them from Pharaoh’s hand
The people felt a twinge of doubt
Would they ever leave that land?

But before the sea
As it opened by his very breath
The I AM had brought their slavery
And their bondage to an end

All the crowds flocked
to a Nazarene named Jesus
He who changed their very hearts
Healed the sick and helped the poor

The Messiah
The fulfilment of God’s promises
Come to break the sting of death
God would raise him back to life

You who made the earth
Is anything too hard for you?
We may face the highest wall
But when problems come to God
Nothing is impossible
Is there anything to hard
We may face the highest wall
But when problems come to God
Nothing is impossible